Painting for all ages!
Guided classes,open paint
& private parties

Learn physics and engineering
 as you stack wood and foam blocks 
and launch Angry Birds sky high
Put on your miners helmet
and crawl through the
 maze of caves
Dig for dinosaur bones,
hide them from your friends, 
crate them and send them off 
to the "museum"

65,000 LEGOs!
Put on your safety vest and goggles 
and see what you can create
For the littles...
Fun house mirrors,
big blocks, textured walls
and a mini maze

Explore electricity with hex bugs,
 robots, snap circuits and more

Enter the twilight zone...
glow in the dark art,
optical illusions and
 black light fun

Construct your building,
turn on the earthquake and... 

See if it withstands the shake, rattle and roll!

Have fun while being a good
steward of our resources-- 
Make a craft to take home
from recycled materials!


A quiet area set aside specifically
for moms with infants--comfy chairs,
a changing table and privacy!


Shop our selection of
educational, interactive games
and toys--you HAVE to have them!